documentation of a very collaborative, very much in progress project

In July 2020 I began daydreaming about mailing my woven skins, to friends and loves near and far, so they may exist in them. As this comes together,  this is where the echoes will live.

how it works? 
This inquiry requires trust in ourselves, eachother, and USPS, and vulnerability.

Upon receipt of the skins, the receiver will spend a few days with them, wearing them, living with them, going about their lives in these skins. Eventually whoever has the skins will engage with the movement prompt from myself, and audio invitation by Cy X. 
Then, this person will respond somehow, be it a video or sound recording of their experience with the skin, a written reflection, a recipe--anything goes.
After sharing this with me, this person will send it to the next person participating in this project.

This project will exist in many forms, just as we all do.  

                                                   RESPONSES SO FAR RESPONSES SO FAR RESPONSES SO FAR**********

movement score, as it exists now

cy x

 is an expansive and ever shifting cyber witch and pisces working in mediums such as sound, video, movement, and performance. They are interested in the domain of the marvelous and the exploration of memory and portals as a way to navigate black queer futures and abolitionist realities. 

thoughts, feelings, guiding questions, desires

the queer and the Black and the brown and differently abled of us know more than most about the nuances of moving through space. taking up space. being torn and born again. about surviving, about radical joy.

I am curious how this movement--movement together, apart, together, apart-- might now come to life throughout timespace. I'm curious how all this energy is being harnessed out of eye. 

since march 2020, as we have scattered and returned, or not, I have been thinking about the places we are existing in now. our homes, our families’ homes, our chosen family homes...

how are we moving through space when our space is confined. are we setting new boundaries? how are we healing?
how are we exhausted? how are we energized? what does it mean for bodies to be rooted in spaces and places rooted in bodies?  what does this look like embodied?
how does our environment impede or aid our ability for growth? Snakes shed in patches when faced with dry conditions--is a patchy snake shed due to dry conditions a lesser production? Or is it a testament to their ability to survive despite impossible conditions? what is the physical, often awkward and uncomfortable corporeal movement itself required to change/grow/remain and how do the both lyrical and mechanical gestures of the loom amplify this?
how can i honor my embodied trauma responses as survival mechanisms that once served me? how can i release these and be unashamed
how might our bodies be our maps, guiding us into closer relation with our ancestry?
how might our bodies be portals for transformation?