of no name yet

film 30sec loop

I am forever interested in self-preservation and interdependency, exploring the concept of bodies rooted in spaces and places rooted in bodies—inherited cultural memory—joy, resilience, means of self-preservation, outgrowing your old self to make space for the new, ancestral strength and knowledge.

This project, titled “of no name yet”, is an ongoing series of experiments in shedding, some of which will be documented, some won’t.  This project is in conversation with my own body and the natural and human made world around me.

I am working with the skins I have woven and carried with me through the past year (2020)—through a pandemic, through unsteady housing, through wildfire evacuations, through navigating love and loss amidst major global shifts towards awareness and a wider conversation questioning allocations of power—to process, allow myself to grieve, release (and hold close) this transition.