The Three Fates

These images are a documentation of process & performance reimagining the The Witches from MacBeth, who were inspired by the The Three Fates, as Black femmes--twisting, pulling, cutting the strings of fate. This project was a collaborative effort between myself and Meron, Salem, and Britt.
Shaping this work consisted of us sharing how we take care of ourselves, from moisturizing to braiding hair to dancing to self-isolating to talking shit, and extracting movements from these daily actions of self preservation.
Movers are wearing skin I made double weaving bamboo cotton on a handmade loom in the shape of bodies, binding with glue and a variety of thin papers. Some of these skins have been used to make etchings and screen prints, so they have a brown soft ground coating, or black ink on them.

May 2018
Creative Direction - coralys carter
Costume Design - coralys carter
Photography - Mae Eskenazi
Thought Partners & Movers - Brittany J. Camacho, Salem Tewelde, Meron Afutu